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Nike Air Foamposite Pro - “Area 72/Asteroid" | Official Images

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While its name has evolved on our pages from Fire/Black to the Pro "Asteroid," and now officially the Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Area 72," it's fiery, explosive look hasn't changed. Its designation makes the shoe the missing link from the previous top-secret AREA 72 Collection findings, which launched during the NBA All-Star Game earlier this year, Nike also fitted the design with an asteroid-inspired graphic across its upper with a multi-colored, translucent outsole. Along with the official name change, Nike has also provided some interesting copy that helps to tell the backstory behind the new set of Nike Foamposites, which you can find after the click, along with additional official shots. Otherwise, look for these to hit on December 20; a busy day for sneaker releases.

Release Date: December 20, 2013 (Friday)


Early morning signals from the Nike Space Program’s radio tower indicate that upon RayGun’s return mission into space, a boisterous explosion rocked his home planet. We’ve been informed that RayGun, the most storied inter-planetary explorer of the past decade, successfully fled his home moments prior to the disaster. His whereabouts are presently unknown. Transmissions to follow as details are uncovered.


RayGun has been obtained and is currently being held in an Area 72 research facility. The subject is shaken but responsive. He fled with no belongings other than the Air Foamposite Pro Area 72. Presently, we are unsure of how the subject obtained the thought-to-be undiscovered artifact. We believe there is a connection between this artifact and the top-secret Area 72 Collection. RayGun will be held until further information is revealed. Transmissions to follow.


Upon closer analysis, it is clear the Foamposite Pro Area 72 is the missing link from previous top-secret Area 72 Collection. Featuring an asteroid-inspired graphic application and a multi-colored, translucent outsole, the Foamposite Pro shares similar characteristics with past Area 72 findings. RayGun has implemented memories from his lost home on the insole. He will remain on Earth until further notice. This information must remain confidential until the duplication process is completed and the Air Foamposite Pro Area 72 is made available to the general public on December 20th 2013. No further transmissions to come.