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Gigs 2 Go: Disposable USB Flashdrive

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We've all seen the paper pull-and-go tabs at coffee shops, the student union, and bus stops, selling wares, looking for a lost dog, and soliciting for a new roommate. Gigs 2 Go builds on that concept with a disposable take on the USB flashdrive, taking the compact and clever storage device and making it an even more effective and versatile tool for spreading awareness about your art, project, or business. The BOLTgroup and Kurt Rampton are behind this current KICKSTARTER project, creating the USB sticks in a 100% post-consumer molded paper pulp that make sets of 4 USB sticks in a space a small as a credit card. You can easily rip off one USB key at a time, use it, label it, and give it away. Plans are to make 2 GB, 4,GB, 6GB, and 8GB models. Learn more about the project at their Kickstarter site, including how to support the project that's already two-thirds toward their goal and watch a how it's made video while you're at it.