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FINsix Ultra Slim Laptop Power Adapter

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Long, annoying, and heavy laptop cords have been with us so long that we've just put up with the hassle; resigning ourselves to the fact that, despite the portability of the laptop, there's always has to be a catch and the brick-like adapter is it. However, a few years back, Apple introduced a new play on the concept, building the prongs into the adapter and making it a more functional, compact piece of hardware. Now, FINsix is stepping up to finish the job for the rest of us with their Ultra Slim Laptop Power Adapter. Looking like an elongated version of the Apple iPhone USB plug, this adapter is able to provide a laptop with 65W of power without any other pieces along its flexible cable. So, what you see in the preview shot is what you get. On the other end, there's a 2.1A USB port so you can plug this baby also into a smartphone or tablet. Pricing and availability isn't nailed down yet, but you can head to the FINsix site to learn more and pre-order one ahead of its mid-2014 drop.

via gizmodo