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NIKEiD Kobe 8 iD - Shedding Skin Options | Available

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As we move into the next symbol of the Chinese zodiac with the close out of the year, Nike finishes strong with a new NIKEiD option drawn from Kobe's special edition Christmas kick. While Kobe didn't lace-up the shoe on Christmas day, the Shedding Skin design still made quite the splash this season taking the Black Mamba-inspired theme to new textured heights via an aggressive scale-like pattern. Now, in addition to all of your other custom designs added this year - including the Pit Viper, Chroma, and Blue Coral Snake - you can add the pattern to your own Kobe 8 iD, which will also run along the Swoosh and come with a matching lace-holder. The option will cost you an extra $20, but it's obviously worth the cost. Check out more samples after the click to get your creative juices flowing and head to NIKEiD to design your own pair now.