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$84,000 Bugatti Belt Buckle

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At a price many consumers could not even imagine, Bugatti has just released a belt buckle that costs $84,000. Yes - you read that correctly; this is a an accessory that truly is worth its weight in gold, even if it costs more than a Beamer. Designed by "mechanical luxury" specialist Roland Iten in collaboration with the luxury automaker, this buckle comes in three sizes and can be customized for an additional cost. So what makes this worth 85 grand? Inside the solid white and rose gold housing, the buckle is comprised of 100 lightweight titanium and stainless steel components that were entirely handcrafted, polished, and assembled by master watchmakers in Geneva to provide a custom belt fit. Limited to 44 pieces, it's clear you're not just paying for a way to hold up your pants, you're paying for the craftsmanship and the Bugatti name.

via autoblog