Jordan Melo M10 "Subway" Video


Sure, the Knicks are enduring a dismal season, but the team's long-suffering fans are nothing if not loyal. Jordan Brand's new commercial for the Melo M10 centers around a pair of ticket holders -- one of whom is played by the always hilarious J.B. Smoove -- who are stuck in a crowded subway train, late for tip-off. As panic starts to set in, the more level-headed of the two urges his friend to close his eyes and envisage a moment of zen: they're at the Garden, and the Knicks are down one point with five seconds left on the clock. It's OK though, because Carmelo has the ball. The scene shifts to the Garden floor, where the Knicks' franchise player has the situation in control. On the screen, the phrase "STAY MELO" appears -- a calming mantra disguised as a clever play on words. Check out the clip below.