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MaxStone Camera Remote

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Let's face it: when inspiration strikes or an opportunity for an incredible shot presents itself, you're not always going to have a second set of hands to help. Whether it includes shots with a long exposure, time-lapse, or video, having a remote on-hand is the difference between a shot that looks like your little brother took it and something worth putting your name on. Granted, these are a lot of options in the remote game right now, but none of them compare with the ease of what MaxStone has created, currently being pushed forward via Kickstarter. Combining a small IR and Bluetooth-enabled guitar-pick-like device that hangs on your camera with a dongle, an App, and a remote, you can have full control of your camera from up to 80 feet away. Settings include time-lapse, automatic flash, manual flash, and video capture, all with one compact device. That alone would be worth it, but, at $29 for a starting support pledge, you can't go wrong. Learn more about the project here.