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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Sabbath Collection – Spring 2014

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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich once said, “Black Sabbath is and always will be synonymous with heavy metal.” Having influenced pretty much anyone with a guitar in their hand and a riff and their heart, if you hear any rocker telling you they weren’t impacted by their reign, you know they are flat-out lying to you. It’s hard to fully contain their legacy on the music world and our culture in general, but if there was one platform up to the task, it would be the Converse brand, who has just finished a new Chuck Taylor All Star Black Sabbath Collection for Spring 2014. The sneakers feature album artwork from four of their most iconic records, Black SabbathParanoidNever Say Die! and VOL. 4.  The designs in the collection also feature special detailing such as stitched Black Sabbath logos and graphic lining. This is actually the band’s second collaboration with Converse, proving that icons truly never fade.  The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Sabbath Collection will be available at select Journeys and independent stores as well as Converse retail stores and for $60 – $70 USD.