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Mophie Space Pack for iPhone - Battery Case With Built-in Storage

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For extended trips, you can either carry around an external battery back, worry about where to store it, and fiddle with all the cables. Or, you can invest in the Mophie Space Pack for iPhone, which is a handle case and extended battery for your favorite Apple device as well as extended memory. Designed to essentially double the life of your battery for your iPhone 5/5s, it also doubles its internal storage capacity. On top of these two perks, you also get a case that wraps around phone snugly with all the ports and buttons still easily available. It comes in two colorways and two sizes - 16GB and 32GB - and also comes with an app, Space, to help you easily organize your music, videos, and photos locally. The Mophie Space Packs are available for preorder now for $149.95 for the 16GB model and $179.95 for the 32GB model. Shipment begins March 14.

via engadget