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Range Rover Sport - Coupe Custom | By BulgariDesign Limited

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You're probably used to seeing today's Ranger Rover barrelling down the street with 4 doors, but for this special edition Coupe Custom of the Rover Sport, BulgariDesign Limited (unrelated to luxury fashion house BULGARI) has taken it back to its three-door roots. The London-based developer's coupe version of the SUV gives the Rover a sleek and sport new personality, which is also packed with plenty of other exterior and interior upgrades. It also comes with two engine options a 503 hp, 5-liter supercharged V8, as well as a more frugal 3.0-liter, 288 hp SDV6 diesel. BulgariDesign Limited plans on making 100 units with a price equal to its new look: ?150,000 GBR (EUR €180,000 or USD $247,000).

via: WCF