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Casio G-Shock GD-X6900 Watch Collection | Available Now

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Bigger isn't always better, unless you're talking about Casio G-Shock. Due to a number of requests from its fans, the watch maker decided to add some heft to its most popular DW-6900 model. After an overhauling process that lasted two years, engineers at Casio created the GD-X6900 Collection. Also designated as the GDX6900 Series, the designs are 10% larger than the original DW-6900. With the increased size, Casio not only re-worked the watch's inner working but also its shock absorption capability to compensate for the additional weight. The result was the new formulation of alpha-Gel, a shock absorbing polymer so effective that it passed the military standard MIL-STD-810 test. In addition, the GD-X6900 Watch Collection are water resistant up to 200-meter and comes with a 10-year-long battery life. Other features include:

- Water Resistant Up To 20 Atmospheric Bars or 200 Meters - Shock Resistant with alpha-Gel Insulation - World Time 31 Time Zones/48 International Cities - 5 Independent Daily Alarms with Flash Alert - Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, and 12/24 hour military time - Super Illuminator Auto LED Backlight

Comes in various colorways, including the GDX6900FB-8 edition with a smoky translucent "skeleton black/gold" design and the GDX6900FB-8B edition with the same "skeleton black" design but metallic silver accents, all are already available for purchase.