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Lexus RC-F | Officially Unveiled

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Let's all let out a collective, "Wow," for what Lexus has done with their new RC-F. Officially unveiled ahead of its debut in Detroit, the RC-F is the brand's latest muscular coupe, however, our assessment is just from its looks since we don't have its exact specs yet. Bigger fenders, new vents, a more intimidating front grill, an active rear spoiler, and bigger wheels all combine for the mean look, capped off with quad exhausts shaped within a stacked pattern. Although there isn't anything official, rumors have been going around that the RC-F will bring a 5-liter V8 to the party with atleast 340kW of power; stats that Lexus has neither confirmed nor denied. Guess will have to just wait and see for the true figures in the coming days.

via WCF