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Cogito Smartwatch

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With the explosion of fitness trackers and Google Glasses, 2014 looks to be a break-out year for wearable devices and Cogito is looking to drive the next phase of the game. A far cry from the "high tech" watches of the 90's (think calculator and remote watches) that probably come to mind when you think of techy-looking pieces, the Cogito Smartwatch proves that function can easily fit a minimalist and stylish form. In addition to a beautifully simple watch face and bezel, the Smartwatch is capable of sending you notifications for incoming calls, text, e-mails, calendar notifications, and alarms - just in case you didn't already feel connected or started feeling you might miss out. The Smartwatch is available now in a range of colorway combinations that play with both bezel and strap colors. Head to the Cogito site to learn more and purchase.