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2015 Audi A8 L Security

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Whether your job, lifestyle, or OCD depends on it, this new 2015 Audi A8 L Security is the perfect car for those who need a bit more protection. As its name implies, the Security model is actually an armored car designed to protect the passengers, certified by the German Ballistics Testing Center as a bullet-resistant vehicle. Built with a heat-formed steel shell, aramids fabric, ceramics, and a special aluminum alloy in the floor, this Audi can help protect you from bullets and hand grenades without standing out like a sore thumb. Other than Audi's usual luxuriousness, the A8 L Security looks pretty unassuming, right down to the LED headlamps. Even the doors are heavily armored and the windows are coated in a layer of polycarbonate to prevent cracking. Additional options include a communication system in the trunk, armor plated fuel tanks, an air filter system for the cabin, and an explosives-controlled emergency exit. Its powered by either a 4-liter, twin-turbo V8 or a 6.3-liter W12, both with quattro all-wheel drive standard. Despite all these features, the curb weight is not much more than the stock model (specifics not released), but the 0-60mph time is a bit subdued at 7.5 seconds. If you think all hell is about to break loose and you still want to look good, try this Audi on for size. Deliveries to begin in late 2014.

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