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Infiniti Q50 - Eau Rouge Concept

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After successfully driving its way into the luxury car market, Infiniti now looks to also be taken seriously in the performance car arena, perhaps inspired by their success as a Red Bull F1 sponsor. Their first weapon comes in the form of this Q50 Eau Rouge Concept, debuting this week at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit and based on the Q50 and with a name garnish inspired by the ballsiest (is that a word?) in the Spa-Francochamps F1 circuit. The release is a clear challenge to the AMG's and M's out there, built with plenty of carbon fiber, an arching front end, and wheel arches that encase 21-in forged wheels. We have a few images of the cabin, but what's lurking under the hood is a mystery right now. All we have is a hint from Infiniti President, who noted that it could feature a 500 hp to 600 lb-ft torque-producing engine. All this talk sounds nice, but we'll have to wait to see what actually hits the dealerships.