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Moment Smartphone Camera Lenses

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Our smartphones frequently pull double, even triple duty; handling our calls, our calendar, and even snapping pictures and videos of our life. But, even that doesn't give them the credit they're due. Devices like the iPhone and Galaxy have revolutionized photography, putting powerful gadgets in the hands of everyday people. Building on this concept of always having a camera with us, Moment has just released a line of Smartphone Camera Lenses, helping us to overcome the limitations - like fixed focal lengths and dimensions - inherent in their design. Their lens is just as portable and offers a wide-angle and a telephoto option, designed to complement a phone's built-in camera with the wide-angle Moment lens offering an 18mm field of view and the telephoto version provides a 70mm field of view (almost double the iPhone's). Both are constructed of machined metal and glass and are designed to feel like the premium lenses you might use with a high-end still camera, easily attaching to your phone with a mount compatible with the family of Apple and Samsung products. The project is on Kickstarter looking for backing - even though they blew past their initial goal. Make sure to jump in early on this one..