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Apple - Mac 30 - Thirty years of innovation

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To celebrate the 30th birthday of the Mac, Apple has posted a tribute on their homepage and have also created a special "Thirty Years of Mac" video and website that looks back at the past, present, and future of the brand's signature desktop. The occasion marks the fact that 30 years ago this week, Apple aired was is widely considered one of the most influential commercials in Super Bowl history, boldly claiming that 1984 won't be anything like the George Orwell novel because of the impending arrival of the Mac computer. Two days later, the commercial was followed by the official introduction of the computer by a young Steve Jobs; an event that has so clearly changed the world of personal computing. Each page of their website introduces a timeline of the impact the computer has had on businesses and people, including the Mac Portable, in 1989. In addition to the Apple festivities, ABC News will be airing an interview tonight with Apple CEO Tim Cook for a personal tribute to the computer.