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Facebook Paper

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There's an acronym for what Facebook is attempting to resolve here: FOMO. Or, "Fear of missing out." Using the standard Facebook News Feed plus other news sources you choose, Facebook's just announced app, Paper, recreates an immersive, horizontally scrolling summary of all the news and updates you need to have all in one neat package. The app is a new stand-alone option to the original Facebook app, that works a bit like a feed reader (Feedly, for example) combined with Instapaper; but it pushes updates to you from your friends and other Facebook-algorithm-curated articles and photos to your screen, organized by type. The app was created by Facebook's own internal innovation team, Creative Labs, who act as the brand's own internal start-up by enhancing user experiences without overloading the original app.  Paper launches to everyone in the U.S. on February 3rd, the day before Facebook’s 10th birthday.