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Save Rizzoli Bookstore

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2014 marks the 50th anniversary of Rizzoli Bookstore, one of the last of New York's great booksellers. The store's hand-wrought chandeliers, vaulted atrium, marble floors and wood-panelled shelves offer a kind of Old World charm that's become a remnant of a bygone pre-Internet, pre-Amazon era. Sadly, the store -- located at 31 West 57th Street near Fifth Avenue -- is set to be demolished, along with two smaller adjoining buildings to make room for yet another luxury high-rise building. Throughout its history the store attracted countless celebrities and hosted numerous book signings and parties, and for many New Yorkers, the impending loss of the great store means the loss of an integral part of New York culture. Consequently, advocates for Rizzoli have petitioned the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission to confer landmark status to 31 W 57th Street. Go here to find out more and sign the petition.