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LD WEST - Cellphone and Wallet Holster

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Born out of necessity and inspired by the gear of the Old West, gangsters, M3 agents, and ballers everywhere, LD WEST presents their new Cellphone and Wallet Holster. Designed to eliminate the discomfort of having to carry your cell phone around in your pocket, but still in a secure location, the holster gives you a stylish solution to carry your phone while driving, riding, or doing any physical activity, like being a straight boss. While one side carries your cell phone, the other provides a pouch to hold the sleek LD WEST wallet, with the ability to hold three distinct cell phone types, including the iPhone, Samsungs, HTC's, and BlackBerries. The holster itself comes in a black, brown, and tan leather with matching elastic straps and hardware. All three are available now via the LD WEST online shop, but if you need extra motivation to purchase, hit the video after the jump.