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maharishi - Upcycled Collection

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Since their launch in 1994, maharishi has formed a reputation for providing an unique range of military-inspired garb and their latest line-up for Spring 2014 is probably their best yet. For their latest military-meets-streets style, we'll see a series of outerwear, bags, and pants that make up their Upcycled Collection, designed with the usual originality and innovative designs and constructed with high-quality fabrics. The collection includes a custom set of M65 Cargo Pants, a Hooded Sweatshirt, a sleek blazer, and a MA13 Jacket, which pair nicely with a functional desert camo BDU Seat Bag. Each piece of clothing sees an interesting placement of the cargo pockets, using the usual functional piece as a stylistic flair, which fit nicely with the lifestyle cuts of the traditionally flairs military garb. You can find a full range of preview shots after the click and find the entire Upcycled Collection on the marharishi online store.