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Sigma DP2 Quattro

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This interesting new camera from Sigma is actually their first of three large-sensor compact cameras that hope to remake the brand's current line-up with a design that is longer, but more balanced for an easier user experience. While the housing is certain to turn a few heads, Sigma is more proud of their new three-layer, color-rich Foveon X3 sensor that can take higher resolution photos (20 megapixels versus 15.3), without sacrificing performance or battery life. Unlike the chips used in pretty much every other camera, this Foveon chip captures RGB data at each pixel location on the sensor, eliminating the need for the camera to infer information from the other pixels, creating a noticeably more detailed image with the help of the faster TRUE III image processor. The DP2 also features two control dials, a hotshoe, and an F2.8 fixed focal length lens that provides a 45mm-equivalent field of view. The company hasn't noted when the cameras will ship, but we do know that its DP1 and DP3 kin will arrive with 19mm wide-angle and 50mm telephoto optics, respectively.