Ferrari California T


Anytime a new stallion makes its way to the internet, it's going to cause quite the buzz, but this Ferrari California T is even more special. Packing extra punch under the hood and a sleeker, sexier build, the California can finally put its shoulders back and stand proudly alongside the rest of the Italian line. If you couldn't infer what the T stood for, we'll just say that this is the first time that a Ferrari model has seen a forced-induction system since the iconic F40 supercar, which powers the 3.8-liter V8 to an amazing 49% increase in torque to 557lb-ft and 62 more horses even with an improvement of 15% in fuel economy thanks to a reduction of 200 pounds. It now takes 3.6 seconds to hit 62mph, maxing out at 196mph, which is made even more drool-worthy with a retractable hardtop, new hood scoops, and a wider grille as well as a new Turbo Performance Engineer screen that works with the 6.5-inch infotainment system inside the car's cabin. Look for more from the new Cali T with its impending live debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

via autoblog