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Harmony Korine for Supreme - "Needle" Video | Featuring David Blaine

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In the skating world, there are plenty of jaw-dropping and cringe-worthy moments, but filmmaker Harmony Korine and Supreme's latest short-film definitely takes things to a new level. The unscripted video is the first of what will be a larger series and was shot in Cashville as a group of skaters - including legend Mark Gonzales - meet famous street magician David Blaine. As you can clearly see in the preview shot, the video isn't for the faint of heart, with Blaine showing the a trick appropriately dubbed "Needle." The full video can be found at the Supreme site, but we have a few screen captures after the click if you don't think you can handle it live. So, pull up a chair and settle in for an amazing trick that not even the Gonz can pull-off.