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Diamond Supply Co. - Fall 2014 Caps Collection | Preview

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While Winter continues to do the thing it does best, brands are beginning to help thaw the chill of the season with sneak previews of their upcoming lines. Diamond Supply Co. jumps in on the fun with a brief sneak preview of their line-up of Fall 2014 Caps, jumping entirely over the usually scheduled Spring/Summer previews. Based on the snippet, it looks like Nicky Diamonds is going with a different take on the brand's logo, using "DIAMOND" instead of the usual VVS' in a simple black/white contrast look. We don't have any other details about the textiles, colorways, or buckle style at the back, but we still thought it well worth your time to give you a preview. Stay tuned for more from DS Co. as the rest of their seasonal line-ups roll-out.