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Air Jordan LAB Series - Concept Renderings | By Brett Golliff

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Brett Golliff is determined to create products of all kinds as long as they evoke an emotional reaction from people who buy them and his collab with Complex Sneakers is sure to do just that. With the mission to create what could be the future of the Air Jordan LAB series, using the materials from the brand's past, but reimagined to create futuristic looks based on the classic silos. Using Photoshop, Golliff added metallic details, extended collars, colorful uppers, new prints, and mix and matched materials from across the models to create whole new looks. There's a total of ten models, including, for example, the Air Jordan 9LABXX, which takes the metallic details from the heel of the Air Jordan XX and adds it to the newly anodized metallic upper of the Air Jordan IX to create the new model. Check out the rest of his portfolio after the click and let us know if you like where Golliff has cooked up.