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For all the hours in design and development and all of the math that goes into car design, there's really only one formula that matters when you're looking to go fast: how can you increase power and simultaneously lower weight? Opel's expression of this concept, with the Astra OPC EXTREME, looks to find that magic sweet spot. Headed to the Geneva Motor show next week, the fastest Astra ever is 220lbs lighter than the OG thanks to plenty of carbon fiber (for the hood and roof) and packs a four cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharged gas all-aluminum engine that produces more than 300 hp. Power moves through the six-speed manual gearbox down to the front wheels, whose 19-inch alloy wheels are wrapped in specially developed 245/35 tires. Inside, you'll find a stripped down interior, complete with a safety roll bar and Recaro bucket seats. We don't have specific stats, but you can bet that it beats the stock's 5.9 second 60mph time and the 155mph top speed. Look for more on the Opel Astra EXTREME next week and as it goes into limited production shortly after.

via WCF