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Oakley Frogskin "Soft Touch"

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It was a time when boom boxes pumped out Run D.M.C., The Terminator owned the box office, and the Gipper was in the White House. The early '80's was also the time that Oakley first released their iconic sunglasses called Frogskins. Resurrected from the time of Save by the Bell and Koosh Balls (do you remember those crazy things?), Oakley maintains the original tooling and produces 4 limited edition models that give you a chance to own a piece of history, each with a Soft Touch finish with the feel of a satin smoothness. The lenses come in four color options: Ruby Iridium, Jade Iridium, Blue Iridium, and +Red Iridium that offer streetwise style and perfect sun glare protection. Each pair comes with a special Soft Touch Microclear bag, whose silky material is great for lens cleaning, and the classic logo on each earstem. Only 70 of each were made so act fast while you can, directly via the Oakley online shop.