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PUMA Trinomic XS850 - 1992 OG Colorway Re-Release

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Named for the honeycomb-like rubber hexagon cells dotted across its outsole, the PUMA Trinomic Technology provided a more reliable cushioning system for running enthusiasts during the 1990s. This was especially true for the PUMA Trinomic XS850, which found a following among trail runners of the day. However, its distinctive neon colorways attracted fans far from the running trails, but instead from the bustling hip-hop culture back then. As a way to reacquaint with those transformative years, PUMA will be re-issuing the iconic Trinomic XS850 in the 1992 OG Colorway for its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. Part of the limited PUMA CREAM product line, the PUMA Trinomic XS850 OG is set to be available through selected retailers worldwide starting next month, though no official release date is set yet at this time. Till then, see a preview of the upcoming model after the click.