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BUGATTI Veyron Vivere | By MANSORY

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Most people would feel blessed to just own a stock BUGATTI Veyron Vivere. But, then again, Mansory isn't in the business to please most people; they are out to make those very, very select few who want to spend over six figures on a car even happier. That's who this Mansory Vivere is for. Out to trump all of the other special editions out there and the majority of the concepts joining it at the Geneva Motor Show this week, this Bugatti received a pretty comprehensive facelift with new wings, a shortened bonnet, and a striking new front apron with integrated LED lights. The side skirts continue the new visual and aerodynamic style, just as the unique rear diffuser and two rear air intakes serve their role in optimizing engine cooling and connect the roof to the bonnet design. Mansory will be manufacturing almost all the exterior bodywork components from carbon fiber, with five double spoke wheels and LED ambient lighting for the cabin finishing the design.