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Honda Civic Type R Concept

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It's been leaked. It's been teased. It's been rumored. Finally, after weeks of waiting, Honda has finally ended the drama with a full reveal of their Civic Type R Concept just ahead of its appearance at the Geneva Motor Show. Honda didn't have much to say officially about the power and specs of the Type R Concept, but from it aggressive appearance and body work - which sees new bumpers, front splitters, side skirts, and spoiler - and the fact that Honda did note it has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, we can expect good things to come. Honda even noted that the Type R was influenced by their return to the World Touring Car Championships - another good sign. A four-tailpipe exhaust system, LED-infused headlamps, a ventilated hood, and rear lamps that go into the sharp rear diffuser are the highlights here. See more after the click and expect more from Honda on this one, which is expected to see a production model sometime next year.