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360 Fly Camera

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There's no denying that compact, yet powerful mobile cameras have taken over the industry, capable of withstanding harsh rides while still delivering high-quality footage of everything from trips down the half-pipe to rides on animals and cars. The one issue with their design, however, is that you only get one point of view; if the lens isn't sitting just right or if something happens just outside of the range, you've lost your chance. But now with the impending Summer 2014 release of the new 360 Fly Camera, we can consider that issue thoroughly smashed with a device that is the world's first 360 degree single optic lens whose film can be controlled by the viewer after filming. Named the 360 Fly and the 360 Micro Fly, these two products are compact, lightweight, and 360 degree HD cameras that are mountable on a variety of sports equipment, tripods, on your mobile device, or just in a spot on a table to help you capture all of life's big moments. Developed by VOXX Electronics and EyeSee360, the 360 Fly Camera offers a complete horizontal field of view with a 240 degree vertical, similar to what you'll find on Google Street View and it comes with its own Android and iOS apps for sharing, editing, and interacting with the video. Learn more about the 360 Fly Cameras after the click and on their homepage and get ready for a new world of video capture.