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HUVr Hoverboards - Fake or Real? | Video

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In the spirit of all those KICKSTARTER videos, a little known tech start-up called HUVr Tech turned the world of action sports upside down yesterday with the demonstrations of its newest gadget, the Hoverboards.

Seen first as "movie magic" during the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II, a group of MIT students wanted to realize the sci-fi gimmickry into an actual product. Thus, they recruited like-minded PHD students from specialties of materials science, electrical engineering and magnetism studies to their quest as part of the 2010 MIT Physics Graduate Program. Four years later, they finally have several completed prototypes, which they were happy to debut them with musician Moby, football player Terrell Owens, hip-hop artist Schoolboy Q, actress Agnes Buckner and actor Billy Zane. Of course, what overboard related unveiling can't do without the appearance of Tony Hawk and actor Christopher Lloyd, who played "Doc" Emmett L. Brown in the Back to the Future franchise.

With these ringing celebrity endorsements, HUVr Tech has one of the cleverest gadget marketing campaign in recent memory. That was the case till someone leaked it to be a Funny or Die skit...Something is just too good to be true.