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Mini Clubman Concept

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Anders Warming, head of Mini design, may be a little bias when he says that this latest Clubman Concept is "the cleverest, most cool, and most stylish family car" in its segment, but you can't blame him for thinking so. While Mini vehicles are certainly the smallest, this new concept at the Geneva Motor Show is certainly very cool, with a widened and lengthened body that results in increased legroom, four normal-sized doors, and finished with upgraded barn doors out back. So is the Mini still mini? That's up for debate, but at least the interior still packs the same punch, with a focus on function and utility, including a touchscreen infotainment system, new blends of colors and materials, and "intelligent" systems that help make the driving experience more customized to the driver even during travel. See more preview images of the new Clubman after the click and let us know what you think of its updated design.

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