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Oscar Mayer - "Wake Up & Smell The Bacon" iPhone Alarm Clock App

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The best part of waking up is...bacon from your iPhone? Move out of the way Folgers, Oscar Mayer is bringing the smell of fresh-cooked bacon through their new Wake Up & Smell The Bacon iPhone Alarm Clock, which turns your favorite hand-held gadget into a bacon-scent launcher. Using an associated iOS app already in the iTunes Store, bacon fanatics can get the essence of bacon flowing into their nostrils at the preselected time, waking you up not with an erratic alarm, but a deliciously smell puff of smoke. Right now, Oscar Mayer's Institute for the Advancement of Bacon, who produced the video displaying the device below, is only distributing 4,700 to those lucky enough to win the random drawing through April 4, which you can enter online, ahead of a larger production release later this year. Of course, this isn't the first time bacon has entered into our bedrooms; do you remember the Wake N' Bacon? There's certainly something for everyone.