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OREO - 3D Printing Cookies at SXSW 2014 | Video

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Next to caffeine, sugar is probably the next most-ingested fuel for those attending this year's South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW), so Oreo is stepping up to fill the need in real-time. Half marketing ploy, half snack station, all-out awesome, Oreo has set-up vending machines using Twitter-styled trends to help create Oreo cookies using a 3D printer. The result are "deliciously hyper-personalized and customized snacks based on real-time data," but all we care about is the fact that these cookies actually edible, can be assembled within two minutes, and can come in a dozen varieties depending on what is trending. To top it off, visitors also claim they actually taste just like the real thing. So, after downing a 3D cookie, make sure to also head over to Cronut's new chocolate chip cookie milk shot to round out the experience. Learn more via Ad Age's video here and in the pictures after the jump.

via: Ad Age