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Breva Genie 02 Air Black Watch

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Breva has been known to create some pretty sophisticated and functional watches that never fail to also have an impeccable presentation. Case in point: their Weather Forecasting Watch, which puts the power of any smartphone app and Weather Channel weatherman named Stormy Mountain strapped to your wrist without looking like it belongs on a teenagers wrist. Now, with their Genie 02 Air, Breva continues their resume of stunning sophistication and beautifully crafted mechanical timepieces with the performance of a altimeter. Whether your passion is paragliding, flying, skydiving, mountain climbing, skiing, or simply enjoying the fresh air and stunning views that high altitudes offer, the Génie 02 Air is the perfect companion. The watch is 100% Swiss-made and features a sub-dial for the time and one for a precision altimeter, which displays up to 5,000 meters along with a simple 65-hour power reserve indicator at the 4 o'clock position. You can't see it in the preview shots we have after the click, but if you flip over the watch, you'll find the complexity of the 415-piece movement in full display alongside engravings of some of the world's top heights. The Genie 02 Air is a limited edition of 55-pieces in titanium G5 and will retail for CHF 120,000.

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