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VLONE Online Shop Now Open

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In addition to showing off a new range of their apparel, we're here to give you a primer on a streetwear label you may not have had run across your tongue, VLONE. Pronounced VEE-LOWN, the label itself coined the word, which means "uncommonly rare, whilst being uniquely odd; alone." That aside, the label focuses on weaving together street wear with high fashion, with the goal of instilling more and more aspects of runway trends into the streets while still keeping things respectable. VLONE is actually the first of three fashion lines to launch out of the ASAP collective, which will be followed by Toast To The God and Toast To The Goddess, each brand holding a certain mystic pointing to its rarity, all evident through music and social media mentions. VLONE has already stood up several pop-up stores, but now they are excited to launch their own Online Shop. They have also rolled out the first of several videos explaining their origins and their image in the clip after the click.