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Ressence Type One Watch

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Yes, Ressence is in the watchmaking business, but, after looking at their timepieces, its clear that they are also in the business of making heads-turn. As we saw with their Type 3 Watch, Ressence has been able to carve out an unique niche for themselves, creating watches that are in a class of their own. They use fluid to project information into the dial, which makes it look like the information is actually embedded into the face. The same goes with the Type One; with no crown and wound automatically, the Type One packs a standard timekeeper and secondary displays for date and seconds secured within a sapphire crystal surround, held within a stainless steel structure for a premium presentation. Continue after the click to see more angles of this innovative watch, which comes in 5 different finishes with three different watch bands. Available now at select stores around the world. For more information, visit the Ressence homepage.