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Stussy x Heel Bruise - "Under The Radar" Japan Tour | Video

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The Heel Bruise "Under The Radar" Japan Tour marks a huge milestone for the founders, Richard Mulder and Nick Joseph; together, with support from Stussy, they have taken their photo exhibition series to Japan. Rather than hold an exhibition in Japan's capital, Tokyo, they embarked on a journey to the west side of Japan to Osaka and Fukuoka. The last of the exhibition opening parties finished up in Fukuoka just last Saturday, undoubtedly putting smiles on those who attended the event. Stussy Japan conducted video interviews with both Mulder and Joseph on their thoughts on the Japan Tour, as well as including some recap footage of the opening party in Tokyo. If you did not get a chance to witness the opening, play the video below for the highlights.

image via: Freshngood