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Google Unveils Android Wear - Open Platform for Smart Wearable Devices

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The fantastical world of Dick Tracy is on track to becoming reality as Google unveiled its Android Wear platform this morning. Though just a preview for potential developers, the announcement also gives a glimpse of what’s to come in the world of smart wearable devices. With giants like Samsung and start-ups such as PEBBLE making their first moves into this new market, Google believes it can outmaneuver the competitions still because of its two design tenets - streamlined information that are relevant to the user and the ability of voice command. In addition, Google placed emphasis on the term “smart wearable devices” rather than “smart watch” for an obvious reason - it doesn’t see Android Wear limited to timepiece application only. The tech giant will also utilize all the know-hows from building its Android OS and the concept of an open platform, one that makes Android the world’s most popular mobile OS with 1 billion devices to date. Stay tuned as more information to come later this year as well as the debut of some Android Wear prototypes.