MISSION BICYCLE COMPANY – "Lumen" Reflective Bikes


The ability to weave through traffic jams makes cycling the perfect mode of transport ion for city dwellers. But such popularity comes at a cost as well, with car-bike incidents increasing steadily over the last few years, especially in populated urban areas like New York City and San Francisco. To address this issue and to promote a safer atmosphere for cycling, MISSION BICYCLE COMPANY created the “Lumen” Reflective Bikes line. While there are reflective tapes, belts and vests to help drivers see cyclists at night or in low visibility areas. They are inadequate or described as a “2D solutions to a 3D problem” by the folks from MISSION since those reflective materials were made with flat surfaces in mind. However, with help from Halo Coatings, MISSION created a powder coating reflective paint process that covers all the nooks and crannies on a bike frame. Plus, every bike is put together to specification by hand with a 50-year quality guarantee by MISSION.

Available in three models, one single-speed and two geared designs, all made from hand-welded 4130 double-butted chromoly steel frame, the “Lumen” Reflective Bikes by MISSION BICYCLE COMPANY are available now as its latest KICKSTARTER project with the goal to raise $15,000 USD in the next 29 days. Please visit MISSION’s KICKSTARTER page for more information.