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Moto 360 by Motorola - Android Wear Smartwatch

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Google has just unveiled its Android Wear platform today via its Moto 360 by Motorola smartwatch and its on pace to revolutionize what we think about timepieces and always being connected. Queuing up for a summertime release, the Moto 360 uses voice recognition technology to help you stay connected to the weather, message friends, read notifications, and, of course, know the time and date, similar to how Google Glass operates by saying "Ok Google," followed by the command. In addition to revolutionizing what we think what the modern day timepiece is in our life, the watch can also be an important part of your wardrobe, expected to come in a metal and leather strap variations. As usual, Google is inviting developers to help grow what the watch can do, in addition to perks like tracking health and fitness stats in real-time, as well as GPS, in an attempt to help convert those used to more traditional watches to make the jump. Those in the US will get first dibs with a wider release expected to launch shortly after. Learn and see more about the Moto 360 after the click and at its homepage.