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$205,000 Tesla Model S Tuned By T Sportline

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For many, a stock Tesla Model S without all of their additional optional add-ons would be quite the achievement. But the Los Angeles-based tuners at T Sportline, who specialize in electric car accessories and mod's for Tesla, there is still quite a bit more that can be done before it can be considered "fully loaded." Stock, in the United States, a Tesla Model S with all of dealer boxes checked would cost you about $123k, but with T Sportline's options, the botton line hits crosses the $200k mark; and that's just for aesthetic changes that do not even touch performance. Options include 21-inch forged wheels, carbon fiber body kits, custom tinting, and - most expensively - a $25k bespoke leather upholstery. Check out more angles from T Sportline's customization package after the click, including their video showcasing the logo spotlights under the doors. 

via WCF