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(multee)project Type-2 Carabiner

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Sticklers for a minimalist’s approach to details, the husband-wife design team of Brian Chen and Tina Yang revisited their original Carabiner concept a few months ago. The result is the new Type-2 Carabiner for their lifestyle brand (multee)project. With a more ergonomic friendly design in mind, (multee)project narrowed the second generation Carabiner to just 3.0” x 1.5” while maintained its functionality. In order for all attached items to align correctly and securely fit, the design team added an integrated split keyrings. Last but not least, a new heavy gauge spring system ensures durability and ease-to-use for a lifetime. In Anti-Silver or Matte Black, the (multee)project Type-2 Carabiner is available now on (multee)project’s online store.

(multee)project Type-2 Carabiner - 1