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Future Google Glass to be designed by Luxottica's Oakley & Ray-Ban

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While there's no doubting Google's ability to plant some tech on your face via their revolutionary Google Glass, the tech giant is going to leave the styling to the eyewear designers over at Luxottica's Oakley and Ray-Ban. Owned by parent company Luxottica, Oakley and Ray-Ban already step-in to help with the design and manufacturing for other top brands like DKNY, Versace, Prada, and many others, so the integration of some of their designers with Google's engineering team to create the dedicated line of frames for Glass should be a smooth transition. The partnership was announced with few specifics around what is in store when it comes to new products or styles or whether this will establish a new brand under the Italian firm Luxottica, but the partnership itself does much to convince critics that Glass is here for the long-term. If you can soon buy Glass off the shelves and what price they will be are still left to be seen, but with the long rumored consumer launch still set for later this year by Google, you can expect more details to make their way out, too.