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Nike Flyknit Mask by Zhijun Wang

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Juggling between his job as a creative director and a designer, Zhijun Wang of Beijing’s ZJ Design was able to find some free to create a handy running gear. Despite its large public squares and scenic monuments, Beijing is actually the least ideal city in the world for avid runner like Wang thanks to its notorious air pollution. But the situation also inspired him to create the first ever facial mask made from Nike Flyknit.

After he narrowed a pair of Nike Flyknit Racer to its bare components, Wang realized the shoe’s Flyknit upper was the perfect starting point for his project. Because it was breathable and lightweight, Wang was able to sewn filtration mesh onto it to isolate the finer air pollutants. So far just a working prototype, Wang hoped one day to mass produce similar design for every runner in Beijing.