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Nike’s First Commercials Created by Advertising Firm Wieden+Kennedy | Video

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These grainy videos might not be as memorable as the infamous ad campaigns, “I Am Not a Role Model” with Charles Barkley or “Mars Blackmon” with Spike Lee, which took on a life of their own; however, there is an historical significance to them since they were the first Nike commercials done by its longtime advertising partner, Wieden & Kennedy (W+K). Long thought to be lost, the videos were hunted down by W+K’s digital librarian, Phoebe Owens, after several inquests about them. Finally, with help from Nike’s historian, Scott Reames, and W+K’s co-founder, David Kennedy, Owens was able to locate them. Misplaced originally because of inaccurate labeling, the ads, titled “Evolution,” “Trophy” and “Co-op,” were first aired during the 1982 New York City Marathon. This was also the year that Dan Wieden and David Kennedy founded their fledgling namesake firm; that partnership continues today, some 32 years after. Interestingly, these ads actually predate Nike’s “Just Do It.”, which W+K’s Wieden suggested to Nike in 1988.

via: AdAge