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The Simpsons x LEGO Minifigures Set

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It's been a huge year for the little toy brick company, LEGO. They captured our imagination and filled hours of our time as kids and now the company is ever-consuming it now as adults, especially with their blockbuster movie, a Back to the Future II Delorean, a 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Set, an impressive recreation of four top designers, and their on-going obsession with The Simpsons, resulting first in their complete House Set and now this complete Minifigs set. The acclaimed series and LEGO first dropped hints in January, but now we have our first full look at the series, which includes all of our favorite characters, even Crusty the Clown, Itchy & Scratchy, and Ralph. In total, there are 16 to choose from (but, why not get all of them?) each with their own personalized accessories. The entire line of minifigures series are launching in May at retailers for $3.99 each, which is just in time for the special LEGO episode of The Simpsons set to premiere May 4th.

via comicvine