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Chance The Rapper x Dockers - Shoppable Video

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“It’s not necessary about being fashionable as it is about the aesthetic as a whole…”

Chancelor Bennett, or better known as Chance The Rapper, has a penchant of doing things on his own terms. While other hip-hop stars travel with an entourage 40-deep or cruising around town in the hottest wheels, Chance prefers some lay back time at a local arcade or just tuning his craft in the studio. His individuality also shines through now his choice of styles. Decidedly relax with pop of colors, Chance is not looking to chase the next “best dressed award” in his wardrobe, but just something that visually resonates with him personally. Check out this newest shoppable video from Dockers where the Chicago-born, LA-base rapper talked about his music, his loves and his styles. You can also purchase what Chance is wearing by checking out the icons within the video.